The benefits of renting an office in a business center

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Many entrepreneurs to start business thinking of renting an office. The economic crisis, coupled with the adventure of starting a business, makes it more interesting the possibility of starting the activity, with renting an office in a business center.

Vivendi Business Center, we have a wide range of offices for all needs, with different sizes and fully equipped with everything you need to start your venture immediately. Here in this article we will reveal some of the main advantages that can offer the rent an office:

The main advantage is economic, these should not be as important as that of an acquisition, thus the solvency of a nobel company will not be so affected settlement, since the initial investment would vary a lot in case of buying an office .

Also, one of the biggest benefits is to start work activity instantly, no need to wait a long time period to which the office is prepared.

Delete concerns, for example, cleaning services offices, security, HVAC, maintenance, concierge service, among others.

With respect to mobility, business centers offer us the possibility of selecting a location consistent with our company, we can also choose as it suits by proximity, combination of transport, among others. In VivendiBC we are in the center of Barcelona in the Paris street 45-47 .

The support given by the professionals who work in the center is one of the advantages of renting an office in a business center. The reception staff will help users in various tasks such as receiving calls, administrative procedures, coordination of schedules, mailing, etc.

The possibility of leaving the car in case the business does not go well, working from home, giving some flexibility, however the purchase of an office can be a long time waiting for a sale.
Another advantage is the synthesis of all payments in one billing.

In addition, the possibility of co-working with other entrepreneurs working in the center, sharing knowledge and experiences opens.

Therefore, the best option is to rely on experts Vivendi Business Center, for the rental of virtual offices , ensuring the best service and exclusive attention.
  • Maximum connection of metro and bus
    Maximum connection of metro and bus
    Line 5 subway and bus 54, 66, 15, 27, 32,...
  • 20 field offices
    20 field offices
    Equipped with parquet, furniture, ADSL, fax,...
  • 10 Minutes from Sants estació
    10 Minutes from Sants estació
    Connection with the aerobús, bus and train
  • 3 meeting rooms
    3 meeting rooms
    Adaptable and convertible according to needs
  • 25 Minutes from the airport
    25 Minutes from the airport
    Aerobus, train and bus connection
  • Telecommunications system
    Telecommunications system
    Slate, video-proyector, home cinema, TV,...