10 Internet passwords you should NOT use if you do not want to be "hacked&q

The low security and bad practices of users of Internet of Things favors hacking usernames and passwords.

Although still a long way to go, it is true that getting better protect our computers and smartphones. But maybe it should be recognized that most of the credit goes to the operating systems and apps, which are becoming safer.

As this hardware becomes more difficult to attack, cybercriminals seek other goals. And they found. Devices are Internet of Things: smartwatches, beacons, refrigerators, webcams, cuantificadoras bracelets, and other wearables.

Security experts warn of the alarming increase in malware attacking devices Internet of Things, stealing your usernames and passwords, by poor users, are the same as also used in social networks, banks, and emails.

All these devices wearables and Internet content using a username and password. Being a new hardware security level is lower than a computer or mobile. In addition, users sometimes do not put anything on your part, leaving the factory default passwords or using some as obvious as 1234, because they think "who is going to hack my smartwatch".

But in recent months security companies like Symantec detected an increase of malware attacks by brute force devices Internet of Things, taking advantage of weak passwords used on these devices. To test this malware usernames and passwords factory, or very popular, trying to take control legally.

Techworm has compiled usernames and devices used in the Internet of Things passwords as identified security firms that track the malware. Some of them cause laughter.

10 user names and passwords most commonly used to hack the Internet of Things (Username - Password)

root - admin
admin - root
DUP root - 123456
ubnt - 12345
ubnt access
DUP admin - password
test - 1234
oracle - test
postgres - qwerty
pi - raspberry

Taking advantage that users do not change the passwords are factory or use keys as stupid as 12345, qwerty or test, the malware is able to enter and take control hardware for use as a botnet DDoS attacks, or to steal information. In other cases these same keys are also used in email accounts or social networks, being totally exposed.

The golden rule of computer security is always the same: change passwords factory, do not use common passwords, and use different passwords for each account.
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